The Illustrated Alphabet

PROJECT TITLE: The Illustrated Alphabet
DATE & DURATION of Project: December 2011/6 month
ROLE/S: Concept, curation, project management, artist liaison, production
INFO: We invited 26 of the very best illustrators we know from all over the globe and produced 52 original pieces (1 letter and 1 illustration based on the letter each) which are available to buy, digitally printed, in A2, A1 & AO formats. A huge variety of wonderful talents from Oliver Jeffers (A) to Chris Haughton (Z) make up this newly imagined alphabet. Encompassing a broad range of disciplines and concepts, The Illustrated Alphabet has shaped up to be quite the  visual adventure. We reckon it’s pretty amazing, but you can be the judge of that!

Alan Clarke/ Ben Newman/ Bjorn Lie / BRENB / Craig & Karl / Chris Haughton / Dick Hogg / Eduardo Recife / Emily Forgot / Genevieve Gauckler / Jonathan McHugh / Joven Kerekes / Kevin Waldron / Martin Haake / Michael Gillette / Nate Williams / Olaf Hajek / Oliver Jeffers / Rilla Alexander / Serge Seidlitz / Steeve Doogan / Steve Simpson / Tara McPhearson / Tomm Moore / Una Gildea

PRINTS are now available to buy via in varying sizes – an A2 print will set you back £30, an A1 print will cost £60, and an A0 is £120.


A – Oliver Jeffers

Award-winnng children’s book illustrator Oliver Jeffers takes on A. This artist responds to the brief with a somewhat “hands-on” approach, outlining the perils of illustration.

B – Michael Gillette

Five beautifully crafted pieces by Michael Gillette include portraits of The Beatles during their lesser-known, and relatively experimental “literal” phase.

C – Bjorn Lie

Freelance illustrator Bjorn Lie interprets C in these prints depicting the old west. A lone cowboy makes his way across a cactus-filled dessert on a starry night.

D – Rilla Alexander

Sozi, a character imagined by designer Rilla Alexander is brought to life these playful creations. Grab a pencil and join Sozi and her pals on their antics!

E – Steve Doogan

Steve Doogan displays his talent for working in many mediums in this pair of tapestries. Doogan uses textiles to illustrate the every-day scene of a sad human-horse in the rain.

F – Nate Williams

The term “woodland friends” is given a new lease of life in Nate Williams’ exploration of the brief. Meet the tin-man’s younger cousins, the log-kids in this frolicsome fabrication.

G – Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot carries out a delicious study of the word “gluttony” for these prints. These bold, graphic prints serve as a feast for the eyes and also as a warning; you are what you eat.

H – Brian Cronin

Tracing “hipsterism” back to its roots, illustrator and anthropologist Brian Cronin explores method and tonal range in this highly-cultured pair of prints.

I – Steve Simpson

In these bright and exuberant illustrations, multi-awarding winning Steve Simpson conjures up a fictional tribe he names “The Incas”. Such an imagination!

J – Martin Haake

J is for jungle, at least that’s what Martin Haake tells us in these bright and inspired pieces. J also stands for jolly and jazzy, which could be used to describe this work.

K – Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke entitles these prints “K is for Κασσιόπη”. Here he objectively exhibits the meaning of the word, direct and straightforward.

L – Tara McPherson

Straight from the wild imaginings of illustrator Tara McPhearson come these lovely and luxurious creations. And who doesn’t like ice-cream?

M – Kevin Waldron

Children’s book illustrator Kevin Waldron brings us all back to our first school play in his depiction of a shy mime accompanied by a worried m.

N – Dick Hogg

Bushbabies up past bed time Dick Hogg’s pair of coulourful and bold prints. Hogg uses minimum tonal range to maximum effect in his portrayal of the sleepless creatures.

O – Tomm Moore

Director of Animation ‘Book of Kells’, Tomm Moore has contributed these beautiful drawings showing parliaments of owls. (That means lots of owls).

P – Serge Seidlitz

St. Patrick wouldn’t be too happy about talented creative Serge Seidlitz’s slithery prints. The vivid imagery is both playful and reptilian.

Q – Una Gildea

Una Gildea’s ecclectic collage is both brilliantly conceptual and engaging. This wonderfully composed and colourful piece is partnered by a portrait of the Q bear in its natural habitat.

R – Craig & Karl

Design collective Craig & Karl have created a simple yet elegant set of prints in response to  the brief. There’s nit far wrong you can go with simple and elegant.

S – Olaf Hajek

These intriquate and brightly coloured illustrated were submitted by Olaf Hajek. If you’re scared of snakes you won’t like these, or birds…or the letter S.

T – Genevieve Gauckler

In this bright and expressive piece, designer Genevieve Gauckler iconises the humble tree. The artist’s impression leaves us wanting more.(Get it?)

U – Eduardo Recife

Birds of a feather flock together* in eduardo recife’s beautiful illustrations depicting the letter U. *This proverb has been in use since at least the mid 16th century.

V – Joven Kerekes

Kerekes explicitly pushes his pro-vegetarian agendas in his victualler piece. Kerekes displays his varied abilities in these creations and makes us not want steak for dinner.

W – Ben Newman

Illustrator and designer Ben Newman has produced these highly inventive and striking pieces for this collection. We also get a sneak-peek at his designs for fold-away satationery.


Illustrator BRENB constructed this portrayal of the fall of man, utitlsing a carefully selected colour palette. We hope you enjoy this triangle-ey creation.

Y – Jonathan McHugh

Jonathan McHugh gives the Lint Monster a new lease of life in his illustration “Y is for Yarn”. These are beautifully conceived and intricate pieces of art.

Z – Chris Haughton

Chris Haughton clears up common misconceptions about the spelling of the word zoo in his vibrant and mischievious illustrations.